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Mini Review: White Men Can’t Jump

A remake of the 1992 film about a pair of basketball hustlers who team up to earn extra cash.

Jack Harlow, Sinqua Walls, Lance Reddick, Teyana Taylor & Laura Harrier.

White Men Can’t Jumped surprised me, but not for being good. Just that it wasn’t terrible.

Being a remake & starring rapper Jack Harlow, hesitancy was a guarantee but while the script doesn’t necessarily offer Jack much to totally prove himself as an actor, but if I wasn’t aware of his other professional, I’d be confident to call him an actor. His chemistry with Sinqua, however, was one of the weakest points of the film. Especially due to the friendship that these characters have throughout the film, it’s unfortunately not completely realised.

The highest compliment I can offer the film is how it’s shot, which while not very dynamic, had a charming aesthetic and grade to the film that certainly resulted in a breezier watch. The film also offers a couple jokes that I thought landed really well, while nothing laugh out loud worthy, a chuckle will suffice. Along with its mildly enjoyable dynamic between Jack & Laura.

Unfortunately, the film poorly attempts at balancing both the “drama” and extremely inconsistent comedy. It never warrants its existence as a remake & sometimes feels as though they are holding themselves back from what could be a rather compelling story, if developed better & without the comedy. We barely reach the surface of what the remake could be.

The performances have their ups & downs, but it’s all due to the script and dialogue that doesn’t give their actors enough room to prove themselves or connect with the audience.

Overall, White Men Can’t Jump is mildly enjoyable and certainly one of the best cult classic remakes in the past few years. Its aesthetic, while pretty to look at, clashes with its overall mixed tone. I would like to see Jack Harlow act more & prove himself with a better script.

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