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Review: Big Mouth - Season 6

Rude, crude, and never prude.

Hearing news about Big Mouth's new season release peaked my interest. New characters and more of that sexual humor many have come to love. But after binging 10 episodes straight of the new season, I can confidently say the golden days of big mouth are over. It feels like the writers tried way too hard and added one too many musicals. While certainly creative, I was relieved to stop watching this show. I had a hard time paying attention.

Dark and sexual humor is funny, but it felt like too much. Some episodes were so strange that It stops being funny and just plain weird. Maybe the show would be more enticing if you watch one episodes every other day, but after watching every season thus far, this one is definitely the worst.

No direction of story and unfunny jokes leave a nasty taste in my mouth episode after episode. The show tries to deal with real world issues but it's practically impossible to take anything the show does seriously after continuous disregard for its own characters and story.

Give Big Mouth season 6 a try and let us know what you thought.

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