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Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Multiplayer

A new year brings a new entry in the Call of Duty franchise. After last years disaster of "Call of Duty: Vanguard", we finally have a game that fans of the franchise are excited to play. We previously reviewed the campaign and here is our review for the multiplayer side of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II".

While no game is perfect, Modern Warfare II takes strides to try to reach that point. This latest edition creates a more user friendly FPS while still keeping the same run and gun fun that older veteran players love. Retelling on of the community's most beloved games comes with stress on your shoulders, but Sledgehammer dealt with that and delivered a game fans are sure to enjoy.

The most important aspect to a game of this nature is of course the weapons. Modern Warfare II has 50+ unique weapons for you to level up and master. While some are clearly better than others, there is a play style available for any skill level of player. A classic component of Call of Duty that fans have come to love is grinding for camos. This year they attempt to streamline and make that grind easier by cutting the number of camos and challenges needed to get the gun mastery in half. While hardcore fans might be upset with this change, the more common and not as seasoned player will be able to complete these challenges at a more time friendly pace.

When it was announced that this newest game would in fact be Modern Warfare II this came with the expectation we would be getting remasters of classic maps from the franchise. While none of these have been delivered yet it's hard to ignore the poor development and overall messiness of the maps thus far. Playing a round is almost impossible without a suprise player shooting you from the safety of his corner. While that aspect is a fault of players not the maps themselves, creating more open maps that require you to progress forward to gain kills would be beneficial for the sanity of us all.

While it's fun to talk about what this game does right, there are things that drain our enjoyment from time to time. Weapon balancing has always been an issue with these games and Modern Warfare II is no different. Shotguns in buildings and flash grenades from across the map make the game almost impossible to enjoy from time to time. We wish that weapon balancing was the height of our issues unfortunately it isn't. Sledgehammer doesn't seem to listen to the community when voicing concerns and issues with the game. While the did change issues from the beta to full release, some things that fans are begging to be altered appear to be long lasting features that aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Die hard and new players alike should and will love "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II". While it isn't perfect and no game is, it delivers a fun and reinvented experience that the Call of Duty franchise desperately needed.

Have you played "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II"? If so tell us what you think and if not, jump in and give it a shot.

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