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Review: Chainsaw Man - Season One

Betrayed and killed, a teenager named Denji gets revived as Chainsaw Man, a soul with a devil's heart.

Kikunosuke Toya, Tomori Kusunoki, Shogo Sakata, and Fairouz Ai

As someone who doesn't particularly watch anime, "Chainsaw Man" caught my interest from its first trailer. An awesome plot, great voice acting, and lovable characters make this one of the years best series in general.

A big surprise for me was how funny this series actually was. The plot is hilarious and Denji's motivation was perfect for a 16 year old protagonist. The rest of the side characters are so much fun. Makima is super interesting and will definitely be important in further seasons as well as Aki whose character gets more interesting as episodes progress.

Obviously with a dark plot like this action is a min player. While there isn't as much action as you'd expect, every scene is perfectly placed and badass from beginning to end. The designs and entire plot aspect of devils is awesome and leaves room open for so many interesting antagonists to appear. Everyone's designs are top notch and the animation is beautiful. Every scene is perfectly detailed and incredibly cinematic.

Easily the best episode of the series so far is the finale. It is the culmination of everything so far and have great action, funny moments, and a lot of heart. Denji keeps mastering his skills and no character is left without a moment to shine.

With the overwhelming love its all but inevitable that we will get a season 2. The show leaves so many possibilities open and so much to be explored. Overall the series is about 6 hours in length and it's worth every second. To anime fans and action fans alike, I couldn't recommend this enough to anyone, you will not be dissapointed.

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