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Review: Falling For Christmas

Sierra Belmont, a young, and newly engaged heiress has a skiing accident in the days before Christmas. After she is diagnosed with amnesia, she finds herself in the care of Jack Russel, and his daughter.

Starring: Lindsey Lohan and Chord Overstreet

Ladies and Gentlemen, It's that time of the year when Netflix releases Christmas Rom/Coms, in November….an odd time as always, but no one seems to learn. So what do they bring this time, well a movie starring the one and only Lindsey Lohan, In her first movie appearance in years, and for a comeback…well, It's an interesting choice. No judgment towards her career choices, but this was awful, there is some enjoyment that I got out of this, and that was with the writing, which was unintentionally funny. The story itself was the most predictable, and uninteresting story ever, not even Hallmark can be this bad, and well Hallmark Christmas movies are well Horrid.

This just felt like an absolute travesty, and I'm a sucker for these types of movies, yet here it just felt so misrepresented, like it didn't understand the tropes at all. It does try to have fun, with the classic montage, or the mistletoe kiss, or when the two characters dance for no reason….usually these things work, cause the movie knows what it is, and has fun. Here it felt like it was trying to take itself seriously, and make a good Christmas movie, yet it didn't, of course, the writing didn't help at all, it was messy, and it tried to be funny, but it fell flat every time, then each character felt uninteresting, Lindsey was good though, it didn't feel like she phoned it in. Chad Overstreet was also very enthusiastic in this role, I wish the script was better, and the movie could've been a solid Christmas movie, hell even the sweetest moment towards the end of the movie was hilarious, cause it made zero sense.

It just comes randomly, and it solved the main problem in the story. It was so weird, and it completely got brushed aside, right after it happened. Now I will say this though George Young was pretty funny, he did not phone it in, and it made the movie…somewhat tolerable…

Anyway, though…this movie was a travesty, and coming from Netflix, it makes sense, that this movie was a mess, and these movies always come out here and there, and I always usually watch them, and sometimes they're good. This time though, this was just one big swing and a miss, at least the bloopers were funny….so it gets some points for that

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