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Review: Flora and Son

'Flora and Son' is a film that rhythmically dances through the world of music while exploring the dynamic relationship between Flora and her son. This well-paced movie strikes a chord with its audience, celebrating the connections music fosters and the emotions it ignites.

The heart of the film lies in the captivating dynamic between Flora and her son, offering viewers an intriguing and well-developed relationship. However, it leaves you longing for more, as a longer runtime could have delved even deeper into their complex bond. It can be harder to watch for audiences with a deeper connection to the dynamics in the film. It could be quite an emotional journey.

Cinematography in 'Flora and Son' has its moments but can be inconsistent. Nevertheless, it manages to engage the audience with its visually compelling sequences. As well as some great visual comedy which complimented the film well.

Beyond the music, the film beautifully weaves a theme of relationships forged through melodies and lyrics. It reminds us that music isn't just about the notes; it's about the connections it fosters.

The performances in the movie are fantastic. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character is a highlight, even though we only scratch the surface of his intriguing persona. A longer exploration of his role would have been welcome. Especially because we don't get Joseph often anymore.

The film's songs and the dialogue surrounding the beauty of lyrics and music are enchanting. Eve Hewson delivers a stellar performance that adds to the film's emotional depth. And often hilarious lines of dialogue.

'Flora and Son' is a heartwarming tale with an important message at its core. It tells a wholesome story that deserves to be heard, leaving audiences glad that it was brought to the screen.

Furthermore, it's a testament to Irish cinema, once again proving its excellence. Director John Carney's touch is evident, guiding the film to a harmonious and emotionally resonant conclusion. Glad to see him back.

In conclusion, 'Flora and Son' is a moving musical journey that explores the power of music to connect and heal. While it has its moments of inconsistency, the film's compelling performances and heartfelt themes make it a must-watch, particularly for those who appreciate the beauty of music and its impact on our lives. I just wish it was 20 minutes longer.

3.5 / 5

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