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Review: Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Tech billionaire Miles Bron invites his friends for a getaway on his private Greek island. When someone turns up dead, Detective Benoit Blanc is put on the case.

Daniel Craig, Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Kate Hudson, Kathryn Hahn, Dave Bautista, Jessica Henwick, Leslie Odom Jr., Madelyn Cline

‘Glass Onion’ is one of the most hilariously culturally relevant films to be made in this modern era. Rian Johnson’s brilliance has never been on display more than through this comedic mirror of our current society.

It truly takes a genius to weave such a clever story together; a story so full of twists and turns and small lines of dialogue that end up being of utmost importance when the curtain is lifted, and all is revealed. Rian Johnson is that genius. His ability to create a film that not only is an extremely well written comedy/murder mystery, but one that has practically predicted the future we’re living in at this very moment.

You don’t need me to point out to you that this film has a fantastic cast, but let me say that every single actor gave it their all. There’s not one performance that isn’t entertaining. From Edward Norton as Miles Bron, a character so clearly based off of Elon Musk, so masterfully played as a conceited billionaire that has everyone under his thumb. To Janelle Monáe’s outstanding and cold shouldered performance as Cassandra Brand, the former partner of Norton’s character. Every character bounces off one another so well, which makes this such a fun and captivating film to watch.

I adored the meta commentary and references made throughout the film as well. One example being through Ethan Hawke’s cameo, where he has all of Bron’s guests open their mouths wide to shoot down an unknown object down their throats, which magically makes COVID a non issue. Or another being Benoit Blanc playing ‘Among Us’ with a group of friends while in the bathtub. It’s truly such a hysterical film that never misses an opportunity to take a jab at our modern culture.

A very good argument can be made to say that ‘Glass Onion’ topped the original ‘Knives Out’, and due to a remarkable script, as well as the delightful performances across the board, that’s an argument I may have to agree with.

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