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Review: Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special

As Harley goes to obsessive lengths to ensure that her first Valentine’s Day with Ivy is the best ever, Bane’s efforts to impress an unexpected date go horribly awry. Meanwhile, after an unfortunate online dating encounter, Clayface engages in some self-love.

Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Alan Tudyk, Matt Oberg, James Wolk , Natalie Morales, Chris Diamantopoulos, James Adomian, Jim Rash, Vanessa Marshall , Janet Varney, Rachel Dratch, Leila Birch, Tyler James Williams, Josh Helman, Casey Wilson & Michael Ironside.

HARLEY QUINN: A VERY PROBLEMATIC VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL is the newest addition to the terrifically hilarious Harley Quinn series & it’s as better than ever. The special follows Harley Quinn taking Poison Ivy on, what she would call “the best Valentine’s Day ever”, and ultimately not living up to that title. While it mostly pushes the lovely dynamic and healthy relationship between the two, there is small conflict introduced.

Along with Harley’s storyline, it dives deeper into Bane & Clayface’s experience with love, subtly introducing a hilarious plot line that would ensue throughout the special. Accumulating to brilliant comedy in the 3rd act, involving Ted Lasso actor Brett Goldstein, which has been teased on social media. The entire runtime is full of sexual, horny acts by every character in sight and it pulls it off effortlessly. The meta jokes and pop culture references are imbedded well through certain characters and created some laugh out loud moments.

However, the special does have far too high stakes around the 3rd act. While it was hilarious and fun to watch, the stakes for the entire city are far too high and it knocked the special off balance, especially when its drama can be quite grounded. It left me with a few questions and concerns for the future episodes of the show and If the special would have affected it or not.

Either way, this Harley Quinn special is absolutely hilarious, full of heart and exciting layered action that made the entire experience memorable and begs for multiple rewatches. Ivy & Harley’s relationship is as strong and loveable as ever.

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