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Review: Harley Quinn - Season 4

Set in the ever-chaotic Gotham, season 4 promises more misadventures for Harley Quinn and her crew. In this upcoming season, Harley finds herself collaborating with the Bat family, while Ivy lands a job with Lex Luthor.

Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Alan Tudyk, Ron Fuches, Tony Hale, Jacob Tremblay, Briana Cuoco, Tom Hollander, Giancarlo Esposito & Harvey Guillén & J.B. Smoove.

Harley Quinn Season 4 is thankfully still one of the most consistent animated comedies currently, especially one so adult. While the show can fall into the trap of being rather repetitive with its storylines & moments, its ability to still remain unique and smart with its comedy is admirable.

For those who love the relationship between Ivy & Harley Quinn Will be overly pleased as that’s still one of its greatest strengths this season. Both characters are on the opposite sides of the pond, Harley being a hero and Ivy a villain, and this makes for some really funny moments and pushes the dynamic between them further, testing their strength. Both Lake & Kaley are hilariously over the top & deliver on all fronts, never losing their vocal touch.

Side characters are all enjoyable, but not as strong as our old team with Clayface & King Shark. The bat family have their moments, but a lot of the comedy is missed. Their strict rules can sometimes restrict the range of comedic moments it can have & sometimes is repetitive. As funny as the series is, 4 seasons on, it’s definitely falling into more comedic tropes and more and more jokes are missed. I found myself grinning more than laughing, which would work for many but not everything worked for me.

The animation continues to impress and becomes more and more dynamic in movement & art. The gore is over the top as usual & is such a joy to watch, making for some really funny moments. The storyline is rather simple in comparison to previous seasons, but its unique dynamic with Ivy/Harley is enough to ignore how the show can drift away from focus sometimes.

Season 4 is another fun, exciting and consistently amusing continuation of Harley Quinn. Harley’s relationships between all characters are as fresh and exciting as ever. And while the story can become unfocused at times, the animation and performances from the entire cast make for some fun moments.

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