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Review: Inside Job - Season 2

Anti-social genius Reagan Ridley and her dysfunctional team work to hide the world's conspiracies.

Lizzy Caplan, Clark Duke, Adam Scott, and Christian Slater

After a fantastic first season, Netflix's own "Inside Job" returns for a funnier, bigger, and better second season. Following season one's cliffhanger season two picks up exactly where we left off. The entire Rand in power storyline is great and really used to its fullest. He's a threat in a different kid of way because of his personal connection to Reagan. Their relationship carries a lot of emotion weight especially at the end where you really get a view inside Rands head.

A major step up for me this season was the comedy. A lot of the jokes are more relevant and actually land than all just being political jokes like season one. Luckily the supporting cast brings so much life to the series and they really bounce off well with the main plot. The season is very Reagan focused so the other characters don't get their own continuous plots but in the end it all works out as the finale wraps up the season perfectly.

Speaking of main plots, we get a very well thought out storyline with Reagan and a new boyfriend that is surprisingly emotional. Their banter is funny and as two characters who just met each other they genuinely have a good connection. You get a lot of that heart in the finale which actually relates a lot to common people giving how grand and crazy these stories are.

This show creates such an interesting cast of characters that needs to be talked about more. There isn't a moment that doesn't land or doesn't feel right. You get to travel the world from Hell, to Rome, to even the center of the earth consequences actually last. The moral of the story at the end of the day is what's more important , love, or your duty to the world?

Honestly my major gripe with this season is that I didn't get more. Every episode was interesting and funny while at the same time creating an emotional and deep story. With season three all but confirmed if it does end as a three part series there's a lot of room to explore given the massive cliffhanger.

Unfortunately there isn't much more we can talk about without discussing spoilers but please if you have time check out this show. I finished season two in about four hours and it was fun and captivating from beginning to end.

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