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Review: Little America - Season 2

"Little America" is an anthology series that observes the funny, romantic, heartfelt, inspiring, and surprising stories of immigrants in America.

Suraj Sharma, Sherilyn Fenn, Jearnest Corchado, Melinna Bobadilla, John Ortiz, Jamie Gore Pawlik, Conphidance, Tom McCarthy

‘Little America’ season 2 delivers several uplifting immigrant stories that will leave the viewer moved, and inspired.

In this brand new season of ‘Little America’, which will debut its first episode on December 9th, on Apple TV+, 8 optimistic stories are told, each delivering its own unique message. Each episode feels different from the last, with the common theme of the American Dream tying all these stories together.

One particular episode I loved, was the very first episode. In this episode the story of Luke Song, as he struggles to find his place in the world as an artist, while his parents are worried he may be putting his future at risk. This is a story I could really connect to, and it didn’t quite end the way I expected. The idea of finding your place in the world is an idea that’s explored in a few episodes this season, and it’ll surely move others as well.

The use of flashbacks is utilized well throughout the season as well, getting to see a look back at these characters lives establishes an emotional connection as we watch as they try to make it and be successful in this new environment. It makes watching these people prosper in their new lives all the more of a joy to watch.

While sometimes the season can struggle to keep your attention, due in part to the well utilized but albeit sporadically placed flashbacks, this is still a great series worthy of a watch. In a world where there is so much nihilistic media releasing constantly, it’s nice to watch a series where people’s lives are changed for the better.

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