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Review: Paradise PD - Season 4

This animated series geared toward adults follows a police department that doesn't do a great job of protecting the backwater, small town where it is located. The officers on the force are bad -- not in the sense of being no-nonsense or cool, but bad in the sense of doing a poor job of policing the town. With cops like these, there's no need for criminals. Leading the crew is Chief Randall Crawford, who is voiced by "SpongeBob SquarePants" actor Tom Kenny.

Tom Kenny, David Herman, Sarah Chalke, Cedric Yarbrough, Kyle Kinane, and Dana Snyder

After 3 controversial seasons, Netflix returns with a 4th and final season of its adult animated comedy. While this season follows the same crude humor of its predecessors, at some point the same dick joke and poop joke get boring. The stacked voice cast is great and the overall animation is fine but there seems to be a lack of effort in writing turning on this season.

Unknown to most fans, this will be the final season in Paradise which leaves the show with a lot to do. More focus on Kevin was great and the addition of his younger brother added a nice dynamic. Unfortunately where this season takes a major hit is its main antagonist. Without going into dpoilers they try to set up this massive threat but its just falls sort knowing hoe everything ends.

There's a few good filler episodes with Bullet and Gina has an interesting arc but at the end of the day the show just isn't as funny as it started. While I do think it deserves a proper send off with a season 5, if this is the last we see of these characters it is what it is.

Having the series end on a cliff hanger and making a joke out of it is really just a hit to the fans. While i'm sure it wasn't intentional leaving everything open and everyone's future left to nothing is just insulting. While "Paradise PD" is nowhere near perfect, it does have its char and moments of humor and heart. Even with a disappointing conclusion its nice to remember the show for its highs instead of lows.

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