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Review: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

After meeting the woman of his dreams, a charming musician finds himself contending with an army of her ex-boyfriends.

Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin, Chris Evans, Brie Larson, and Ellen Wong

As a big fan of Scott Pilgrim and a not so big fan of Anime I won't lie when i came into this with low expectations. Those expectations were immediately trumped with what might be my favorite TV series from 2023. 'Scott Pilgrim Takes Off' embodies everything the books and film did but in a new style.

With a new story some fans may be put off to start but it's definitely a show that will create its fanbase overtime. The art style of the books and the entire cast from the 2010 film returning this IS the best of both worlds. The entire returning cast kills their roles while being able to do new things they weren't able to do in the film. This series also goes more into the crazy world that Scott and his friends live in that is only available in the books.

SAtory aside (to avoid spoilers), the animation style for the series is as perfect as it gets. It fully feels like a comic was slapped onto TV in the best way possible. The action scenes are crazier, the heartfelt moments are deeper, and Scott Pilgrim is... Scott Pilgrimer?

As a fan of the books and film this series was downright perfection for me. Knowing Netflix it'll probably be cancelled by the time you're reading this but they have created so much potential for future seasons that i would love to see. Out of all franchises, Scott Pilgrim is one of the few to accomplish perfection in graphic novel, film, and TV form, a task that other studios should look to copy.

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