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REview: Spider-Man 2

In this installment, Peter Parker and Miles Morales struggle to navigate the next steps in their personal lives while combating several new threats, including a private militia led by Kraven the Hunter, who transform New York City into a hunting ground for super-powered individuals; and the extraterrestrial Venom ...

Yuri Lowenthal, Naji Jider, and Tony Todd

In an impossible feat to top its first 2 entries, Insomniac Games returns with what is arguably the best superhero video game ever made. From story to gameplay 'Spider-Man 2' takes everything the original games did right and improves on then 10x.

While the main story is already a topic of discussion among Spider-man fans, there no argument that Insomniac went all out with its story. From Venom to Kraven they use the PS5 to its max making intense boss fight and fun side missions a regular occurance. The city feels more alive and fully embraces the chaos the villains cause.

While the story can sometimes be predictable, that factor is instantly off set with moments that no one saw coming all of which leads to a 3rd act that can rival Avengers Endgame for overall craziness and intensity.

The open world and gameplay is also improves with the new webwings which feel like they've always been apart of the game. The wind tunnels and web wing specific missions have you soaring through the city at crazy speeds that make me wish for Insomniac to handle and open world Batman game next.

On top of the new gameplay features, Insomniac listened to the fans with improving the open world side missions. Even though sometimes it feels dry, there's no doubt that the full length side missions can be apart of the main story if they wanted. Featuring iconic villains with their own insomniac twist im am patiently waiting for Insomniac to drop DLC that wraps up some of these stories.

While no game is perfect, 'Spider-Man 2' gets as close to that point as a game can get featuring everything a fan would want to fully feel like Spider-Man. Even though the next game on Insomniacs lineup is 'Wolverine', I have no doubt that they will be quickly at work finishing up this epic Spider-Man trilogy they have set up and if you stay for the post credit scenes, there no reason ANYONE should be dissapointed in what's to come.

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