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Review: Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse

Miles Morales catapults across the Multiverse, where he encounters a team of Spider-People charged with protecting its very existence. When the heroes clash on how to handle a new threat, Miles must redefine what it means to be a hero.

Shameik Moore, Hailee Steinfeld, Oscar Isaac, Issa Rae, Daniel Kaluuya, Jake Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Luna Velez, Jason Schwartzman, Karen Soni, Andy Samberg & Amandla Stenberg.

Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse follows the masterful, ‘Into the Spiderverse’, but is it as good? I think we have stumbled across one of the most objectively masterfully crafted films ever made. From its story to the most stunning visuals you’ll ever see, the film is an experience.

It’s not often that I am at a loss for words & this is definitely impacting the review. The idea that animation isn’t cinema, or not up there as the highest form of art is baffling. The consistency over these 2 films have further proven animation to be THE highest form of art & this film pushes animation even further.

The themes & detail into every line and frame builds and builds into one of the most thrilling and darkest moments in animation, in film. Pushing the boundaries of storytelling through the screenplay and the out of this world visual imagery per millisecond.

The performances & groundbreaking score are powerful and standouts. The language & dialogue spoken in between the lines, through subtle glances that carry enormous weight.

Across the Spiderverse is otherworldly & an astonishing experience. You’ll exit the cinema at a loss for words, as I am. Does it top the first? That’ll be a decision made after multiple rewatches. Animation has been taken to the extremest of heights and it’ll be difficult to top it.

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