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Review: Stargirl - Season 3

In this season of Stargirl with the return of Starman, and the Crocks now on the good side, things seem peaceful in Blue Valley, but the JSA will soon realize it’s not as quiet as it looks when they soon realize there is a more significant threat lurking in the shadows…

Brec Bassinger, Yvette Monreal, Meg DeLacy, Joel Mchale, Luke Wilson, Amy Smart, Camron Gellman, Anjelika Washington, Trae Romano, and Akoya Brunson


Each season of Stargirl has impressed me, whether it was the action or storytelling, it was constantly engaging and surprising to watch. So with its final season, it’s sad to say goodbye. 

Stargirl takes an interesting turn this season with a much darker tone & storyline, balanced wonderfully by its constantly witty comedic moments & dialogue. The balance elevates the emotional weight of the season, raising stakes by deepening the love we have for these characters. As well as fearing for their lives as they face off evil.

Some shows struggle with this but this communicates this greatly. A lot of shocking plot development and character development that were much stronger than its previous seasons. Additionally, having very sweet moments between Pat and Courtney, or with the JSA themselves, where they felt like a family. Courtney is a character to be both enjoyable and annoying. But this season her development takes a lovely turn as she's fantastic & lovable here. Stepping into the role even better, while making mistakes as heroes do, but she truly develops into a superhero that is worthy of the name. The other JSA Members, including Yolanda, Beth Chapel, and Rick are all in their own right fantastically cast & developed.

Yolanda stepping up as well, with her arc diving deeper into her family troubles, along with Cindy that was enthralling to watch. Rick, while pushed to the side a few times this season, was another lovable character that developed into a more realized hero. This can be said about all supporting characters too, whom I’ve come to deeply love throughout the entire show, offering not only great development to Courtney, but themselves in their own right. 

The action was as consistent as it has been since Season One. Great choreography and camerawork, complimented by its often gorgeous cinematography & practicality. With the CGI and visual effects being the downside of certain scenes. 

Stargirl Season 3 is as lovable and engaging as every season before it, expanding on the character of Courtney and surprising audiences with her development throughout 3 seasons. The filmmaking is as impressive as ever, along with its dark storylines and characters raising the stakes higher than they’ve been before. 

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