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Review: Still Up - Season 1

"Still Up" explores the unique connection between Danny and Lisa, whose late-night conversations leave them with no secrets except for their unspoken feelings for each other.

Craig Roberts, Antonia Thomas, Blake Harrison, Luke Fetherson

If there’s one show I am absolutely rooting for this year to gain a following it’s “Still Up”, Apple TV+’s latest venture into comedy series. After seeing the trailer I expected a basic but fun series where I’d never really find myself too attached but enjoy it nonetheless, and thankfully I was perhaps the most surprised I’ve been for a while by something on streaming. 

First and foremost I can’t help but acknowledge certain negatives within the show, particularly in the three episode premiere that comes out today, before I begin to compliment it, and that comes down to vast inconsistency and the usage of the series’ gimmick. As much as I really loved the pilot, the subsequent two episodes don’t find as much of a unique or exciting way to utilise the concept of our two lead characters (Danny and Lisa) exclusively speaking over the phone and therefore you may be tempted to not return to the show as it begins to drag and you’d assume that the concept will unfortunately exhaust itself before long. Thankfully that doesn’t happen, but it does mean there are two episodes here in the first half of the season that are merely just okay as it finds its footing. 

As well as that there are one or two jokes in the middle of the season that don’t completely land, and moments where certain audience members might zone out due to what could be considered a “jump of the shark” in this series that otherwise mixes the grounded and the silly incredibly well and arguably better than a lot of sitcoms do nowadays. 

Outside of that though, Still Up is such a delight to get through. With a wonderfully fun premiere and a triple bill of episodes right at the end of the season where everything comes together for something that balances a continued great sense of humour, an unexpected amount of emotions, a lot of effective character development, and answers to questions we’ve had since the pilot. 

I absolutely enjoyed it more than it is “objectively” good due to the reasons I stated earlier on, but these characters are so likeable and with Roberts and Thomas having such inexplicably good chemistry it’s almost impossible not to? You add on to that a hilarious but very real depiction of anxiety that leads to both heartwarming and exciting moments in equal measure, and some lovely, slick lighting and cinematography and you have a hidden treasure on your hands. 

I need a second season immediately, and with how this show plays on romantic comedy conventions already it seems the next season (given it gets one) could be equally entertaining or even better. 

4.5 / 5

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