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Review: Succession - Season 4

The Roy family controls the biggest media and entertainment company in the world. As they fight for control of the company, and each other, their lack of morals is exposed at every turn. This family has no redeeming character values, and neither does any person attached to them. Watch them as they fight for the front seat on the bus to hell.

Kieran Culkin, Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Brian Cox, Nicholas Braun, Peter Friedman, Matthew McFadyen, Alan Ruck, J Smith Cameron, Justine Lupe, David Rasche, Fisher Stevens & Alexander Skarsgard.

Succession Season 4 (Final Season) is precisely how you’d expect, the highest level of television in years. Keeping consistent with its documentary format of filmmaking, mixed with its gorgeous film cameras, the show takes the visual storytelling to extreme heights with even more effective zoom ins and shot selection. The genius behind the show is the dialogue between the lines, the dialogue spoken through the series camerawork and cinematography. The tension built throughout these 10 episodes, only through drama & subtle double crossings should be studied.

Jesse Armstrong continues to write modern day Shakespeare with incredible detail and subtlety through its many themes of family, betrayal & generational abuse. The effect Logan Roy has had upon his kids is so destructive, it brought me to tears on multiple occasions. Shedding tears over the worst of the world people is not an easy feat, but, Jesse’s storytelling throughly the 4 seasons has built to incredible emotional climax with all storylines coming together with ease. The dialogue is hauntingly poetic and beautiful at the same time, often reminiscent of HBO’s The Leftovers which deals with heavy themes and the feeling of emptiness in an open world.

The entire cast deliver all time performances on TV, particularly Kieran Culkin who takes it to another level of inner conflict and honest expression. Multiple instances he blew me away with how deeply emotional and intense he was in moments. Along with his stunning co star Sarah Snook that delivers her best of the season, alongside Matthew MacFadyen whose dynamic becomes an all timer for TV. It’s both tragic and deeply heartfelt, in all the wrong ways. Jeremy Strong continues to prove himself to be one of the best subtle actors in the world currently, despite Kendall’s emotional struggles, he shows both the loss and need to gain power with a raise of his eyebrow. Brian Cox, Alan Ruck & the entire supporting cast continue to greatly impress with Emmy nominated performances all around.

Nicholas Britell composes his greatest work of his entire career with one of the most astonishing scores I’ve heard in the past few years on TV. It’s powerful & emotionally devastating. The entire story, production & locations are all to the highest standard you can achieve. There is no weak cast member, nor camerawork to let the season down.

Succession Season 4 ends as one of the greatest tv series & seasons that has ever aired. Every technical aspect & story beat is astonishingly complex and brilliant. The entire cast are at their absolute best and it’s a tragedy we may never see anything like it again. Succession is modern day Shakespeare and it will never die.

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