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Review: The Old Way

A Retired gunslinger Colton Briggs faces the consequences of his past when the son of a man he murdered arrives to take his revenge. Now Briggs must take up arms once more, and go after the man who murdered his wife, with his young daughter Brooke.

Nicolas Cage, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Noah Le Gros, and Kerry Knuppe

Nicolas Cage has always had his ups and downs, ultimately he enjoys his work and loves variety. Anticipation for the film seemed to sprout from the interesting father-and-daughter dynamic hinted at in promotional material. Sadly it wasn’t the case, despite its occasional admirable dynamic between Colton (Nic Cage) and Brooke (Ryan Kiera), but even that couldn't save this movie from its story that ended up being the most boring, bare-boned, and very cliche narrative in a while. As well as utterly failing at being somewhat entertaining. The story is slow & prolonged, with awful pacing that gave the impression that the film was 3 hours long.

Cage, unfortunately, given a poor script, struggled to do anything with it. Being a western movie, this could have easily had some dark or gray comlex characters here, but rather than diving deeper into the world, we are left with unoriginality once again. The characters are uninteresting & the performances are lackluster. The score feels basic and familiar.The action is rather simple, sticking primarily with gun fighter action that we often see in western films. And music felt out of place, particularly during the credits which came across as odd and while the film had ended, took me out further. I was left with utter confusion and complete disappointment.

The Old Way is one of the first new movies to come out this year, and sadly it was a disaster. With terrible pacing, a horrible plot, and boring/uninteresting characters that even with an actor like Nic Cage, struggled to bring some texture to the script. It’s not a guilty watch, it’s a waste of time.

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