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Review: The Recruit - Season One

When Owen Hendricks a Lawyer starts his job at the CIA, he soon gets caught up in a dangerous game of international politics when a former asset threatens to expose the nature of her relationship with the agency unless they clear her name

Noah Centeno, Laura Haddock, Fivel Stewart, Aarti Mann, Colton Dunn, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Kaylah Zander, and Daniel Quincy Annoh

Another entry into the special intelligence side of the world for Netflix, "The Recruit" isn't a show i really had on my radar. A gripping story and an overall stellar cast make what could have been another flop into a fun and interesting time.

After getting off a massive film like "Black Adam", Noah Centeno had a big weight on his shoulders to prove he can stand in this world with other actors. Of course no show is perfect and this is no different. The early episodes drag a bit and not every joke landed but overall the comedy serve for the better in the long run. The overarching plot and mystery is definitely the shows best aspect. There's a great balance of the CIA action and the characters being themselves and living their own lives. Some parts of the show were quite over the top, like they were written to the fullest which at points takes you out.

Back to the comedy, it really helps this show become what to needs to be. For the most part the jokes land and all the belivery is great and placed correctly. The show knows when it needs to be serious and when it can have fun and enjoy itself while still knowing what's at stake. There was at time way too much exposition and you really get things shoved down your throat, but that's just a common theme with Netflix projects.

Overall this show does what it needs to do. There's times it falls flat and just doesn't sit well and there's time it knocks it out of the park in every aspect. There's great action throughout and Noah Centeno proves that he can take on these more serious roles. There's definitely set up for a season 2 and the big finale is definitely saying that they want to do more. While no show is perfect, this series does what it needs to do to be able to stand on its own and make an impact.

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