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Review: Titans - 4x01 & 4x02

After 3 previous seasons filled with poor writing and mediocre acting, Titans season 4 starts with a bang that was much needed.

First thing you notice about this season is how the Titans actually feel like a family and not just coworkers. They laugh and bond and show that they care for each other which the previous seasons have been missing. All the actors seem to actually be having fun in their roles and its wonderful seeing as how talented this cast is. Speaking of cast, this season introduces a long time DC villain famously known as Lex Luthor. While his appearance was expected his is easily the most interesting part of the first two episodes and everything he does feels so dry.

Another new addition to the season is Sebastian Sanger aka Brother Blood. I won't go too much into his actual story line but so far he feels like a great addition and i'm excited to see his decomposition into villany. While new characters are great and all, Titans season 4 still suffers a quite overstuffed cast which limites many characters possibilities for storylines such as Gar and Tim Drake. It's starting to feel like each season we get the same storylines altered. Something is wrong with Ravens mind, Starfire has a weird ability, and Dick isnt over his old like in Gotham. While storylines have been set up for other characters I can't help but expect a repeat of at least two of those arcs just altered for this season.

On the brightside once again these two episodes did have some great action throughout and some interesting twists that was definitely needed. They've teased the appearances of many classic DC heroes but keep finding a reason for them not to appear. While this is more not possible for legal reasons it still feels like a cop out for fans who are expecting massive characters to appear.

Another returning feature is the Titans classic blue filter which i've become numb to at this point but it's definitely something that needs to be fixed asap. Visually Titans has always been duller to look at with most of the series taking place at night so it's nice to see more daytime scenes this season even if they are spaced throughout.

I was very aggressive towards the first three seasons and I was honestly not excited for season four to begin but i'm happy to say i've been pleasantly surprised. Titans is taking the much needed steps forward to turn itself from a lower tear superhero show into the likes of Daredevil and Doom Patrol.

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