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Review: Titans - 4x03

With Rachel left powerless, Dick turns to an old friend whose magic could be the key to identifying their mysterious enemy. Meanwhile, Conner and Tim investigate attack victims, and Sebastian finds himself at the center of an eerie plot.

Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft & Ryan Potter

After an all star star to season 4, Titans continues the trend with a fun and impactful third episode. Every character gets their moment to shine and the story continues to progress into exciting and interesting ways.

A major issue Titans has had over its past few seasons is its difficulty to give each character their own storyline and make them feel meaningful. So far every character has had an arc or is in the process of working towards one.

Tims journey to becoming Robin is fun and the more heart left side of the season while Dick and kory take on the more serious life threatening adventures. Gar and Rachel's arc has sortove combined after last episodes major White Raven cliffhanger.

This episode also indtocuses us to Jinx who is a major Titans foe from the comics. So far her character has been interesting as leads the team more into the mystical side of this universe. Her and Dick are teased to have a deep past which will probably be explored more and more than likely cause tension in the team as it seems to happen every season.

While Dick and Jinx enjoy their blast to the past Connor and Tim start to unravel the mystery of Brother Blood and his connection to their current enemy. While I still do think the series is overstuffed and doing too much at once, it is easier to follow than previous seasons.

It's hard to discuss a 45 minute episode without spoilers but as someone who wasn't a fan or the previous seasons, i'm happy to say that Titans season 4 is continuing to head in the right direction. The visuals are better, the story is more intriguing, and overall the show just feels better to watch. I'm excited to see here the story heads and what unfolds over the rest of the season.

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