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Review: Titans - 4x04

As she grows closer to Sebastian, Rachel makes an unsettling discover that leads the Titans to The Organization's Asylum--where they come face-to-face with their deadliest foes yet.

Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, and Ryan Potter

After a surprising first three episodes, Titans returns for another entry full of suspense, mystery, and great action. Episode 4 picks up almost directly after episode 3 with the Titans saving Sebastian. Obviously comic fans know what to expect from his character but they are making him very likable and you do grow attached to his and his journey over time.

Another major plus for this episode is the fact that for the first time in what feels like forever we get to see the entire roster of the Titans going on a mission together. he new additions to the team of Tim and now Jinx are great and I really hope they stick around and are further explored.

While most of the episode I enjoyed there was one major problem for me, and that was the plot. This episode is filled with so much backstory for Mother Mayhem it gets draining. Personally I am not super invested in her character and im expecting her only reason for being in the season is to turn Sebastian into Brother Blood.


I usually don't discuss spoilers but there's something that need to be mentioned. That something is the return of Deathstroke, who is a Zombie?? We knew he was coming back but this is how? It's kind of left up in the air and it's possible he was a robot but if that was genuinely our Slade from season 2 then Titans butchered his character more than they already did.


Another glaring issue with this episode is the CGI. While Titans has never been known for its CGI nor has it ever been amazing this episode was abominable. There's a specific scene that looks like they just dragged and dropped a cut out onto the screen. The episode did continue to succeed in furthering the story has creating mystery but overall is was a slight step down from the previous episodes. I do expect them to get things back on track as the Brother Blood storyline picks up but you can't ignore the glaring negatives.

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