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Review: Titans - 4x06

The Titans race against time to save Sebastian before the Blood Moon ritual, while Conner's new hardened personality rears, and Gar is presented with an ominous choice.

Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, and Ryan Potter

We've officially reached the halfway point of Titans season 4 and it did not disappoint. This episode is the culmination of the entire Brother Blood plot thus far which leads to major reveals, character moments, and great loss for the team.

Before i dive into the good I want to touch on the bad. Personally what they are doing with Conner right now is just plain bad. I understand the arc they are going for but he feels so dry and is the whole reason that this episode ended the way it did. In common Titans passion i'm sure he will be forgiven and there will be no consisquemses for his character but i'd like to see him feel some guilt and work on himself. Another issue I have is I feel like they don't really have a plan for some characters

Characters such as Gar and Tim had plots begin to be built at the start of the season but are now just being drawn out like they don't know where to take them. I'm sure that everything will be resolved come episode 12 but right now, the episodes feel drug out trying to fit those charters into the plot. Some characters to get to shine this episode such as Rachel and Jinx but overall it feel like almost everyone's personal arcs have been forgotten.

Onto the good stuff... wow was this episode just a good time. The action and drama was great, everything flowed smooth and wow what an ending. The entire cast does great and the Brother Blood plot gets better and better. It's great to see Raven finally get some action again and see Beast Boy actually turn into, beasts. For me, Jinx is easily the stand out of this first half of the season in general. She bondas great with the team, brings something new, and overall is just so much fun. I really hope she's a character who sticks around as her ending this episode leaves her future with the team up in the air.

While Titans has never been the most well written show on HBO Max, this season is a major improvement in every way. If they keep this pacing, Titans season 4 is in route to revive the show for me and many fans. Season 4 part 2 is expected to release sometime early 2023 and I recommend everyone to catch uip and tune into what's next.

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