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Review: Velma - 1x01 & 1x02

The origin of the sleuth and member of the Mystery Inc. gang, Velma.

Mindy Kaling, Sam Richardson, Constance Wu, and Glenn Howerton

The newest entry in the Scooby Doo universe is here, and doesn't even include Scooby. Besides the obvious flaws from the trailer, this series is painfully unfunny in every aspect. None of its jokes land and these characters are almost unrecognizable from their classic counterparts.

I would usually start off a review with its pros but unfortunately for this series, there are none. While overall the voice acting is fine, everyone is over acted and just cringe. The character of Shaggy or "Norville" in this show is a complete butcher of the character. Fred has some of his classic charm, but that completely fades away later in episode one. Daphne is alright, but is completely unlikable and an interesting character.

The plot is what you'd expect from the Scooby Doo franchise. This is obviously an origin story but it feels quite impossible for this to end up as the Mystery Gang we know and love. Velma is a very dry and boring lead. She has one straight motivation and is very unlikable. She's rue to every character and is a hollow shell of what she used to be.

While this show is quite bad, it is nice to see a deeper look into a character who isn't given much in the original series. One main draw for the show is that they would finally be making Velma a lesbian, an aspect which fans assumed was the case for many years. Even though it appears in small snippets, Times where it could've been implemented it felt missing and at times it wasn't needed it was forced.

Even though the series has just started, it doesn't seem to be headed in a strong direction. Lazy writing and poor animation will be this shows downfall in the end. While these episodes showed glimpses of being good, they're instantly shut down when the show shoots itself in the foot. Unless you are a diehard Scooby Doo fan or want to torture yourself for an evening, I don't recommend giving this a watch.

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