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The Hierarchy In The DC Universe Is Changing

“The hierarchy in the DC Universe is about the change”, while The Rock has popularised Black Adam to be the new big threat in the DCEU, fans have been wishing that it would change in a rather different fashion.

For years, superhero fans worldwide have been wishing, praying for Henry Cavill to return as Superman after Warner Brothers cast him aside and shone light on rather, peculiar characters for both television and film. Superman will finally be making his return to the DCEU with an early in development, Man of Steel 2. While no writer is attached, DC leadership are currently eying Oscar Nominee writer, ‘Christopher McQuarrie’ to write the script. McQuarrie previously worked with Cavill for celebrated action franchise Mission Impossible, with fallout. It wouldn’t surprise fans if McQuarrie even stepped up to direct, a feat he has pulled off multiple times with the 2 Mission Impossible films he has gracefully directed. 

Matt Reeves entered everybody’s hearts this year with the release of ‘The Batman’, which was highly critically acclaimed and with many calling him, “the saviour of DC Comics”. Recently, according to Hollywood Reporter, Reeves has been meeting with writers and directors to bring Gotham City to life further. With projects focusing on the rogue gallery such as ‘Clayface’, ‘Scarecrow’ and ‘Professor Pyg’. Fans, while satisfied with The Batman’s success and grounded adaptation, often worried for the future of Batman’s fantastical elements which are shown prominently in the comics. This recent announcement of Clayface is a glimmer of hope for a more fantastical Batman universe. 

It doesn’t end there, James Gunn released his version of the villain group, Suicide Squad with ‘The Suicide Squad’ starring stars such as John Cena, Idris Elba, Daniela Melchior and Margot Robbie. And with such a critically acclaimed sequel, Warner Brothers were more than happy to green light a spin off series titled, ‘Peacemaker’, if not a even greater success to the company. DC’s future with James Gunn is looking brighter than ever, with a new secret DC film in the works. While there are no details further, these are some of the characters we would love to see:

  • Ratcatcher ii solo film (with the appearance of Bloodsport?)

  • Kite Man

  • Plastic Man

  • Gotham City Sirens

  • Booster Gold

  • Mr. Miracle 

  • Green Lantern Corps

Despite the wonderful news of Cavill’s return, one life has been sacrificed for another. The highly anticipated ‘Zatanna’ project has been scrapped by Warner Brothers, but will be shopped around to other studios. Comic fans & film fans alike share excitement for a project about Zatanna, as Oscar Winner ‘Emerald Fennell’ helmed the screenplay. Emerald recently wrote and directed critically acclaimed ‘Promising Young Woman’ starring Carey Mulligan & Bo Burnham, which picked up a whooping 5 Oscar nominations (1 win). While unfortunate to hear, we here over at Screened hope a studio with enough common sense to pick this up with open arms are share to the world what Zatanna as a character has to offer.

Ezra Miller has been in everybody’s mind over the last year with terrible allegation after allegation arose. Everyone alike has collectively agreed they do not want Ezra to go further with playing the beloved character of ‘The Flash’, who of which has a feature film premiering next year starring Michael Keaton, Sasha Calle & the return of Ben Affleck. Warner Brothers have recently finished looking at the script of ‘The Flash 2’, which most certainly will stir controversy within the comic book community, as everyone will head to sleep tonight with their fingers crossed for a recast. 

Zatanna & The Flash aside, today has been a night of celebration for all fans of the iconic hero Superman. We, over at Screened are here with you. And we can’t wait to share with you more news moving forward.

The DC Universe…

is about to change.


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