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Upcoming Games You Need To Play

As technology and the gaming industry expand, it's almost daily a new game drops that goes under the radar. Here are a few games we here at Screened are excited for that we think you should be too.

The Finals

Created by Embark Studios

Release Date: Coming Soon

"The Finals" is a free to play first person shooter that is out to change the game… literally. Set in a game show environment, you are tasked with eliminating the opposing teams and the tournament. With a very customizable gameplay style and beautiful graphics, The Finals is on a mission to take the genre by storm.

Sons of the Forest

Created by Endnight Games

Release Date: February 2023

After the smashing success of its predecessor, Endnight returns with a highly anticipated sequel to 2014’s “The Forest”. “Sons of the Forest” plans to expand on all aspects from more survival options and features to harder and more threatening enemies. Enhanced graphics are taking the visuals of the game to a whole new level, any fan of the survival genre should be excited for this sequel.

ARC Raiders

Created by Embark Studios

Release Date: 2023

Brought to you by the same developer as “The Finals”, Embark Studios is planning on dipping their toes into the PvE genre. While not much has been revealed from this project what has been shown is stunning, from heavy action-packed gameplay to stunning visuals Embark once again creates a game that is on the top of all of our wish lists.

The Day Before

Created by FNTASTIC

Release Date: March 1, 2023

Another entry to the zombie landscape, “The Day Before” is looking to be massive and a major impact on the community. Stunning graphics and very enticing looking gameplay set this game up to compete with major other zombie games such as “Days Gone” and “The Last of Us”. While not much of the story has been released, if you are looking fun a fun grindy game to play with your friends this is the project for you.

Atomic Heart

Created by Mundfish

Release Date: This Winter

There’s nothing people love more than robots and guns; well this game has both. Set in the Soviet Union “Atomic Heart” sets you up against massive threats in an open world built for your demise. Stunning graphics and unique weapons are only the start of what this game has in store for players this winter.

If you are excited for any of these games or have others that you are dying to play let us know in the comments below!


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